Decsa is an undisputed leader in Voghera and neighboring with regard to the implementation of industrial cooling systems, guaranteeing experience and professionalism as regards the realization of CFR-A series axial evaporative condensers. We discover these machines in detail.

An evaporative condenser, made up of Z725 galvanized sheet metal and axial fans, fulfills the purpose of cooling by using ammonia or gas refrigerants.

Among its benefits are, in the order:

  • Low operating costs, thanks to the limited energy consumption of the motors that power the fans
  • Self-supporting structure in high strength stainless steel sheet Z725 (725g/m2)
  • Evaporative cooling using a tube bundle
  • Wide power range
  • Easy and cost-efficient transport and installation of sections with no need for exceptional trailer transport.


Ideal for industrial use, refrigeration and air conditioning

CFR C Evaporative condenser drawing


  • 50% and 100% finned coil for dry running
  • Non-finned coils in AISI steel
  • Silenced (Axilent and Axilent Plus)
  • Direct coupling between motor and fan and with drive angle with oil-bath transmission
  • Protection with painting DecsaCOATING (external) e DecsaCOATING PLUS (internal & external)

Additional Info
Material: Galvanized Steel Z725
Number of models: 27
Heat Rejection: from 789 to 7281 kW
Applications: Food, Automotive, Energy, Chemicals, HVAC, Metallurgical, Industrial.