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Parker’s line of pressure regulators includes valves that control inlet, outlet or differential pressure. Each regulator is available with an assortment of additional variations, enabling one regulator to perform several functions.

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Adaptomode Outlet Regulators – A4A Series

The A4A outlet family of regulators include valves that control outlet pressure. Each regulator is available with an assortment of additional variations which enable one regulator to preform several functions. The A4A outlet family of regulators are compact, heavy duty, pilot operated, and have remarkable functionality. The regulator will gradually close when downstream pressure begins to rise above the setting and will gradually open when pressure begins to fall below the setting. The regulator cannot maintain set-for pressure if uncontrolled branch pipe lines feed into the main pipeline downstream of the regulator. The valve’s purpose is to modulate flow of refrigerant gas or liquid to maintain constant downstream pressure as set-for, despite load fluctuations. Markets: • Industrial Refrigeration • Commercial Refrigeration Features and Benefits: • Pilot operated characterized Modulating Plug for precise control • Suitable for all common refrigerants and oil • [...]

V300 Purger

The Parker V300 Rapid Purger is designed for use in refrigeration systems. They will purge non- condensable gas that can negatively affect system performance from the refrigeration system and improve the overall efficiency of the equipment. Data Sheet - Rapid Purger V300 Product Bulletin - Rapid Purger Safety Guide Operation Style 4 to 20 Purge Points Maximum Ambient Temperature (C) 54° Maximum Ambient Temperature (F) 130° Minimum Ambient Temperature (C) 2° Minimum Ambient Temperature (F) 35° Maximum Fluid Temperature (C) 50° Maximum Fluid Temperature (F) 120° Minimum Fluid Temperature (C) -20° Minimum Fluid Temperature (F) 5° Maximum Rated Pressure (bar) 21 Maximum Rated Pressure (psig) 305 Voltage 120 or 240 VAC Application Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration The Parker V300 Rapid Purger is designed to safely and efficiently remove non- condensable gasses from industrial ammonia refrigeration systems. The V300 is an improvement [...]

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