Parker offers refrigeration and air conditioning components for residential, commercial, industrial and mobile markets. Parker combines the best components to deliver customized subsystems, kits, manifolds and leak-free value-added assemblies. We provide refrigeration parts such as valves, filter-driers and pressure regulators for use in supermarkets, air conditioning units, cold storage trucks and more.

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HERL Series

Parker’s HERL expansion valves offer the industry’s most dependable performance. These valves feature a single piece body construction and proven gasket sealing technology. These expansion valves are available in a variety of configurations to suit the needs of the modern industrial refrigeration system, such as stainless steel construction or as versions rated for CO2. Markets: • Industrial Refrigeration • Commercial Refrigeration Features and Benefits: • Single Piece Body Construction • Gasket Sealing Technology • Variety of Configurations to suit many needs • Available CO2 rated Valves • Available in Stainless Steel Construction Application: • Shut-Off Valves are primarily used for isolating parts of the system for service and maintenance • Expansion Valves are primarily used to [...]

Level Control Sensors – HBLC

Parker offers Level Control Sensors for both oil and liquid applications. They are both stand-alone sensors with control funtion built in for safe and easy distribution of oil and refrigerants. The HBLC, Liquid Level Control, is designed to work in conjunction with a 4-20mA modulating control or solenoid valve, and the HBOC, Oil Level Control, is made to work with a 24V DC solenoid valve. These compact and cost effective sensors provide accurate detection of oil and refrigerant levels in equipment. Application Oil or Ammonia, Halocarbon & Brine Cable Length Optional 10' Cable Maximum Operating Pressure (barg) 150 Maximum Operating Pressure (psig) 2175 Connection Thread Size (inch) 3/4" NPT Minimum Ambient Temperature (C) -20 Minimum Ambient Temperature (F) -4 Maximum Ambient [...]

Level Switches- HBS Series

CO2 Switch HBSC2 is a level switch for detecting liquid CO2 in refrigeration systems. Typically, it is installed in/on the receiver, but it is also suited for installation in other locations where a level indication is needed. The sensor's measurement principle makes it unique for these purposes, since the properties of the measurement principle as well as its special construction allows it to withstand high pressure and low refrigerant temperatures. The sensor is suited for use on transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems. Markets: • Industrial Refrigeration • Commercial Refrigeration Features and Benefits: • Complete solution with sensor and transmitter in one unit. • Simple to install by one thread sleeve. A cost optimized solution • LED indication of power supply and alarm status [...]

Liquid Level Control Sensor- HB Series

HBDX is a new revolutionary, patent-pending sensor technology, and it is thus the first sensor in the world capable of measuring the relationship between vapor and liquid a refrigeration system. The sensor measures the degree of dryness, “X”, of the gas in the gas pipes, and the value is converted into a 4-20 mA analogue signal corresponding to “X”. The HBDX measures the dryness of the gas in the range X = 0.85...1.05. The sensor is available in two variants, "Rod Style” for installation in a pipe elbow and “In-line” for welding into the suction pipe. The sensor offers very precise measurements and provides instant read-outs of the gas quality, making it useable in most evaporators (plate, pipe, and air evaporators). The [...]

Liquid Level Wire Probe- HBLT- Wire

The HBLT-WIRE is a field adjustable capacitive liquid level sensor designed to measure refrigerant levels in traditional stationary systems such as vessels, receivers or accumulators, as well as in marine systems. Better, compact and cost efficient, the HBLT-Wire is a field adjustable capacitive liquid level sensor designed to measure refrigerant levels in traditional stationary systems such as vessels, receivers or accumulators, as well as in marine systems. The HBLT-Wire is an all-in-one length probe. The flexible sensor wire provides on the job length adjustability, so one part number covers all application requirements. The sensor has an output signal of 4-20 mA, which is proportional to the 0 and 100% of liquid level. Markets: • Industrial Refrigeration [...]

Modulating Refrigerant Valve

The MVS industrial electronic control valve utilizes electronic controls to regulate both liquid and vapor refrigerant flows. The MVS electronic control valve provides precise management of flow for a variety of industrial and commercial refrigeration applications. Due to this precise control systems it will run more efficiently and with less charge which reduces operating costs and increases system safety. As an additional benefit the MVS is a normally closed valve which means that it will move to a fully closed position in the event of a power loss. This feature reduces complexity by eliminating the need for an upstream solenoid valve or power backup module. MVS valves can be applied to manage liquid levels in vessels, [...]

Refrigerant Float Switch

The LLSS refrigerant float switch provides an electrical switching action in response to change in the refrigerant levels in various applications where control and monitoring of liquid levels are required. Parker’s LLSS Refrigerant Float Switch offers proven and reliable operation by using a mechanical switch and magnet mechanism. This reliability will reduce complexity, reduce replacement costs and offer enhanced system safety. The LLSS uses corrosion resistant components including a stainless-steel float chamber to ensure a long lifetime in the harsh environments of industrial refrigeration. The Float Switch is used to open and close solenoid valves, to activate or de-activate electrical controls, to energize or de-energize magnetic starters for starting and stopping refrigerant liquid pumps and compressors, and as a safety [...]

Refrigerant Shut-off Valves

REFRIGERANT SHUT OFF VALVES Parker's shut-off valves are designed for the safe handling of air, gases and liquids for many hydraulic, pneumatic, instrumentation, refrigeration and aerospace applications. Our valves ensure clean, reliable and economical operation with high cycle life, resulting in less downtime and lower replacement costs. All valves are available in a wide range of types, styles, materials and configurations for many operating conditions.

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