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Parker provides the industry’s widest selection of check and isolation valves, available in a variety of end connections for use in a range of applications, from air and fuel systems to load holding. Our check and isolation valves utilize a variety of media including oil, air and water, and are made from materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass and carbon steel. Parker valves are built to the highest quality standards, recognized around the world for their performance, durability and reliability.

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Electronic Valve PEV

The PEV series of electronic modulating valves provide enhanced control for industrial refrigeration systems. The PEV provides precise control of flow for liquid level, expansion, superheat, and temperature control applications. The stainless steel construction helps overcome corrosion problems encountered in harsh environments. The valve's weld-in feature design reduces potential for connection leaks. This design has a higher working pressure, a greater working temperature range and higher flow capacities than competitive products. These valves provide long-term performance with replaceable internal components. Market: • Industrial Refrigeration • Commercial Refrigeration Features and Benefits: • Suitable for ammonia, CO2, R-134a, R-404a, R-410a and other common refrigerants • Stainless steel construction increases product life cycle • Lightweight construction • Cartridge based design simplifies service and eliminates body wear • Interchangeable with other [...]

Modulating Refrigerant Valve

The MVS industrial electronic control valve utilizes electronic controls to regulate both liquid and vapor refrigerant flows. The MVS electronic control valve provides precise management of flow for a variety of industrial and commercial refrigeration applications. Due to this precise control systems it will run more efficiently and with less charge which reduces operating costs and increases system safety. As an additional benefit the MVS is a normally closed valve which means that it will move to a fully closed position in the event of a power loss. This feature reduces complexity by eliminating the need for an upstream solenoid valve or power backup module. MVS valves can be applied to manage liquid levels in vessels, liquid injection for compressor cooling, superheat [...]

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