Parker offers refrigeration and air conditioning components for residential, commercial, industrial and mobile markets. Parker combines the best components to deliver customized subsystems, kits, manifolds and leak-free value-added assemblies. We provide refrigeration parts such as valves, filter-driers and pressure regulators for use in supermarkets, air conditioning units, cold storage trucks and more.

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Adaptomode Outlet Regulators – A4A Series

The A4A outlet family of regulators include valves that control outlet pressure. Each regulator is available with an assortment of additional variations which enable one regulator to preform several functions. The A4A outlet family of regulators are compact, heavy duty, pilot operated, and have remarkable functionality. The regulator will gradually close when downstream pressure begins to rise above the setting and will gradually open when pressure begins to fall below the setting. The regulator cannot maintain set-for pressure if uncontrolled branch pipe lines feed into the main pipeline downstream of the regulator. The valve’s purpose is to modulate flow of refrigerant gas or liquid to maintain constant downstream pressure as set-for, despite load fluctuations. Markets: [...]

Automatic Flow Regulator- AFR-3

The AFR-3 Automatic Flow Regulator provides for external adjustment of the flow rate. Parker’s AFR-3 is a liquid flow control device for overfeed or recirculated systems. Unlike pressure regulators or expansion valves the AFR directly controls the flow of refrigerant and maintains a constant flow rate of liquid to the evaporator. This precise and direct control provides increased operational efficiency. The AFR also serves as a check valve to prevent back flow into the liquid line from the evaporator during pressure reversals such as occur during hot gas defrost. Markets: • Industrial Refrigeration • Commercial Refrigeration Features and Benefits: • External Adjustment • Easy Setting Scale • Eliminates System Balancing • Integral Check Valve • “Frost [...]

Check Valve CK-4

The Type CK4A Check Valves prevent backward flow of fluid in refrigerant suction, hot gas or liquid lines. Parker’s CK4 check valves are designed to be close coupled to a control valve which will reduce overall installation length, complexity, and cost. These valves are designed to prevent backflow in a variety of refrigeration applications and can be mounted on a valve or as a standalone component. The CK4 can be mounted in any orientation when used as a standalone part of the refrigeration system. These compact valves are spring closing with a lapped, stainless steel or chrome plated seat for positive closing action and low leakage. A minimum pressure difference of 0.05 bar [...]


The CK-3 check valve prevents backward flow of high pressure refrigerant gases and liquid. Parker’s CK-3 is a compact and lightweight check valve that features a threaded process connection that simplifies connections and reduces installation costs. The spring-loaded check valve requires a minimum 0.34 bar (5 psi) pressure drop to overcome the spring force and lift the valve seat, allowing the check valve to be mounted in any position. The valve opens wide for flow in the arrow direction on the body of the valve. When flow reversal occurs the CK-3 valve closes quickly and reliably. Markets • Industrial Refrigeration • Commercial Refrigeration Features and Benefits: • Small, Compact, Heavy Duty • Stainless Steel Assembly • Screwed [...]

Commercial Pressure Regulator – Flo-Con (S)PORT/ (S) PORTII

The FloCon (S)PORT/ (S)PORTII commercial evaporator pressure regulators provide tight control in a variety of applications. The commercial pressure regulator (S)PORT/ (S)PORTII valves are designed with stainless steel bonnet bolts, adjusting stems, and piston and plug assemblies. The result is a regulator designed to withstand the rigorous application environment a low side regulator must endure. Models are available in combinations of connection sizes, port sizes and features as designated by the model code. Unlike some competitive models of low side regulators that utilize high pressure discharge gas as a pilot source, they are piloted with upstream pressure. This eliminates the requirement for hot gas headers, isolation devices, piping, and the labor associated with the installation of [...]

Commercial Pressure Regulator – Flo-Con A2

The A2B products are compact pressure regulators that maintain upstream or downstream despite fluctuations in load. Parker’s A2 series of compact pressure regulators help reduce system cost and complexity by utilizing a compact housing and direct operation. These valves are ideal for applications where a larger pilot operating valve is too costly or too large. The regulators can be used with ammonia and certain other refrigerants, oil, and other approved fluids. The regulators are ideal for use in systems where a small inlet or outlet pressure regulator is needed and can also be used as a remote pilot for larger control valves that are located in difficult to service areas. Market: • Industrial Refrigeration • Commercial [...]

Commercial Pressure Regulator – Flo-Con A8

The A8 ductile iron-bodied regulators, with brazed copper couplings, maintain a constant pressure at a control point regardless of fluctuations in load, ambient conditions, or alternate diversions for flow. The A8 has a unique modular design that allows the commercial pressure regulator to be soldered into the line without disassembly, yet provides full access for disassembly, cleaning and servicing from the top only. Interchangeable capacity cartridges facilitate flow revisions should an undersized or oversized condition be created, while pilot adaptors can be changed out to add features or even change functions. Thus, retrofitting for additional evaporator capacity, heat reclaim, or hold back for hot gas defrost is simple and requires no pipe line revisions [...]

Commercial Pressure Regulator – Flo-Con A9

The A9 ductile, iron bodied, pilot operated regulators with brazed copper couplings are used to modulate the flow of refrigerant gas to maintain a nearly constant outlet pressure at the sensing point. CONDENSERS HEAT EXCHANGERS COMPRESSORS ICE CONTROLLERS SPECIAL REFRIG VESSELS / VALVES COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION Refrigerant Pressure Regulators Commercial Pressure Regulator - Flo-Con A9 The A9 ductile, iron bodied, pilot operated regulators with brazed copper couplings are used to modulate the flow of refrigerant gas to maintain a nearly constant outlet pressure at the sensing point. The A9 has a unique design allows the commercial pressure regulator to be soldered into the line without disassembly, yet allows disassembly of the valve for cleaning and maintenance [...]

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