Regarding the production line of industrial condensers, Decsa offers centrifugal evaporative condensers, which are characterized by the abbreviation CFR-C, among the products manufactured at its Voghera plant, which we will find below the main features.


Evaporative condenser with cover in Z725 sheet steel and centrifugal fans, designed for the condensation of gases such as ammonia or other refrigerant gases.

  • Maximum noise reduction ensured by the centrifugal fans
  • High-strength self-supporting structure in steel sheet Z725 (725g/2)
  • Silencers in intake and flow
  • Evaporative cooling using a tube bundle
  • Wide power range
  • Easy and cost-advantageous transport and installation of sections with no need for exceptional trailer transport
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Ideal for uses in industry, refrigeration and air conditioning.

CFR C Evaporative condenser drawing
  • 50% and 100% Finned coil for dry running
  • Non-finned coil in AISI steel
  • Protection with¬† painting DecsaCOATING (external) e DecsaCOATING PLUS¬† (internal & external)
  • Additional silencers on air intake and discharge
  • Basin section accessible with wide doors

Additional Info:

Material: Z725 Galvanized Steel
Number of models: 36
Heat Rejection: from 148 to 7281 kW
Applications: Food, Automotive, Energy, Chemicals, HVAC, Metallurgical, Industrial.