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Parker’s S4 solenoids are the refrigeration industry’s standard for solenoid valves and have provided decades of safe and reliable operation.  These valves are highly configurable and can be provided with flanges for Socket Welding, Butt Welding, ODS connections, and Threaded connections.  The S4 is offered in sizes from ¾” (DN20) to 8” (DN200).  These valves may be opened by means of the manual opening stem for servicing or in case of electrical power failure.  As the S4 valves up to 4” feature a flanged connection they may be easily removed from the system for servicing.  The S4 valves are pilot operated and require a minimum 0.21 bar (3 psi) pressure drop to fully open.  The S4AD is a spring closing, pilot operated, dual-position solenoid valve which is crucial for evaporator control groups that use hot gas defrost.  The dual position function of the S4AD allows the system to equalize before fully opening and can prevent liquid hammer.  The S4X is an explosion proof hazardous environment type solenoid carrying a NEMA Type 4 and 7 classification.


• Industrial Refrigeration
• Commercial Refrigeration

Features and Benefits:
• Standard Coil Housing Meets NEMA 3R and NEMA 4- Rain Tight
• Coil Housing Surpasses NEMA Salt Spray Test
• Plunger-Needle Assembly Same for S4A, S5A, S6N, S6A, S8F
• Molded Class “F” Coil Construction
• Same Coil Fits Most Refrigerating Specialties Solenoid Valves
• Pilot Light Available
• Stainless Steel Needle
• Manual Opening Stem
• Design Pressure (MRP): 28 bar (400 PSIG)
• Cast Steel Body–Strong, Light Weight
• Welds Directly In The Line-No Flanges
• Removable Seat-Serviceable From Top Side
• Maximum Opening Pressure Difference (MOPD): 21 bar (300 psig)
• PTFE Pilot Seat
• Streamlined Fluid Flow Pattern
• Pilot Solenoid Parts Are Same As Used With Most Other R/S Solenoids
• Design Pressure (MRP):27.6 bar (400 psig)
• Manual Opening Stem
• Prevents the damaging effects of vapor propelled liquid
• Combined use as a hot gas and soft gas valve
• Integrated S6A Pilot Solenoids
• Standard Coil Housing meets NEMA 3R and NEMA 4- Rain Tight
• Reduced installation costs
• Pilot light available
• Manual Opening Stem
• Maximum Rated Pressure (MRP): 27.6bar (400psig)
• Explosion Proof
• Hazardous Environment Type
• Standard Coil Housing meets NEMA Type 4 and 7

• Refrigerant Liquid Lines, Hot Gas Lines, or Suction Lines in a temperature range of -45° to 105° C (-50° to 220° F)
• The dual-position feature of the S4AD is specifically designed to help aid against the damaging effects of liquid hammer and sudden liquid deceleration.
• This valve is typically applied as a combination hot gas valve and soft gas valve or as a liquid solenoid.
• Hazardous Environment (S4X)

Model Number

Please Configure Part for Model Number



Minimum Operating Temperature (C)


Minimum Operating Temperature (F)


Maximum Operating Temperature (C)


Maximum Operating Temperature (F)


Maximum Rated Pressure (bar)

27.6bar or 28bar

Maximum Rated Pressure (psig)

400psig or 406psig

Flow Coefficient (Kv)

1.2 Kv to 470 Kv

Flow Coefficient (Cv)

1.4 Cv to 550 Cv

Operation Style

None, Slow Closing, External Actuating Pressure Supply, Explosion Proof, Dual Position

Port Size (mm)

20mm to 200mm

Port Size (inch)

3/4″ to 8″

Minimum Operating Capacity

Full Capacity, 17%, 50%, 35%

Strainer Type

Without Strainer or With Strainer

Flange Type

FPT, ODS, Socket Weld, Weld Neck, No Flange


None or 3/4″ to 4″

Coil Type

Please Configure Part for Coil Style Specifications

Check Valve Type

No Check Valve, with CK-4, with CK-1

Valve Material

Standard Valve Material or Meets Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)


No Plating

Body Type

Flanged or Weld In

Body Material

Gray Iron, Ductile Iron, Cast Steel

Seat Material

PTFE or Metal