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The CSR and CSRH Valves employ proven principles of design, these safety relief valves are highly reliable and dependable. The valves are precision machined assure valve opening at the set pressure long after installation.

The Type SRH High Capacity Safety Relief Valves are designed and constructed to meet the requirements of Section VIII ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and ANSI/ASHRAE 15 Code requirements and bear the ASME Code Symbol (UV). Safety Relief Valves should be used to protect each refrigeration system pressure vessel that can be isolated by valves. In many localities state or municipal codes govern selection and installation of Relief Valves. Employing proven principles of design, these Safety Relief Valves are highly reliable and dependable. Precision machined moving parts of stainless steel, and a PTFE disc prevent sticking due to corrosion or cold welding and assure valve opening at the set pressure long after installation. They are not suitable for corrosive ambient atmospheres such as chlorine, etc.


• Industrial Refrigeration
• Commercial Refrigeration

Features and Benefits:

• ANSI/ASHRAE 15 Compliant
• Excellent Repeatability
• All Stainless Steel Internal Parts
• Unaffected by Vibration
• PTFE Seat
• Pressure Settings from 150 to 400 psi


• Compressor Packages
• Accumulator Vessels
• Receiver Vessels
• Anywhere overpressure protection is required

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Minimum Operating Temperature (F)


Maximum Operating Temperature (C)


Maximum Operating Temperature (F)


Minimum Ambient Temperature (C)


Minimum Ambient Temperature (F)


Maximum Ambient Temperature (C)


Maximum Ambient Temperature (F)


Pressure Relief Setting (barg)

10.3 to 27.6

Pressure Relief Setting (psig)

150 to 400

Maximum Working Pressure (barg)


Maximum Working Pressure (psig)




Valve Type

SR1 to SR4, SRH1 to SRH4

Valve Materials

External: Cast Iron, Internal: Stainless Steel, Seat: PTFE

Inlet Connection

1/2″ to 1 1/4″

Outlet Connection

3/4″ to 2 1/4″

Orifice Size (mm)

10.4mm to 19.05mm

Orifice Size (inch)

.409″ to 3/4″

Flow Capacity (SCFM Air)

130 to 1776

Flow Capacity (Lbs. Per Min Air)

10 to 164


Vapor Only