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The Parker V300 Rapid Purger is designed for use in refrigeration systems. They will purge non- condensable gas that can negatively affect system performance from the refrigeration system and improve the overall efficiency of the equipment.

Operation Style

4 to 20 Purge Points

Maximum Ambient Temperature (C)


Maximum Ambient Temperature (F)


Minimum Ambient Temperature (C)

Minimum Ambient Temperature (F)


Maximum Fluid Temperature (C)


Maximum Fluid Temperature (F)


Minimum Fluid Temperature (C)


Minimum Fluid Temperature (F)

Maximum Rated Pressure (bar)


Maximum Rated Pressure (psig)



120 or 240 VAC


Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration

The Parker V300 Rapid Purger is designed to safely and efficiently remove non- condensable gasses from industrial ammonia refrigeration systems. The V300 is an improvement over the successful V200 series and offers new features and benefits. The V300 is equipped with a RS- 485 communication port for easy interface to controller data transmission. All of the parameters accessible via the HDMI cable are now accessible via the serial channel. Further advancements include extended data logging time and password protection for factory calibration settings.


• Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration

Features and Benefits:

• Compact Design with equivalent capacity of our V200 model
• Made from 100% corrosion free components
• RS-485 communication capability
• Records purge cycles and purge time for up to 12 weeks
• Password protection prevents tampering
• Multiple language display
• Factory calibrated for plug and play functionality
• Automatically adjusts vent pressures based on conditions
• Energy saving sleep mode will activate with the lack of non- condensable gases
• Proprietary microprocessor control for all sensing
• Includes ½” Globe-T SW isolation valves for liquid, foul gas and suction lines
• Can be used with the 120 or 240 VAC
• Handles 4-20 purge points


• Removal of non- condensable gasses from Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration systems